Lucky 13 Racing

I got the kids an Xbox for Christmas and started enjoying Forza Horizon 4 myself. The driving is simplistic with a joystick but I don’t want to commit enough to justify a $400 steering wheel for the console. That said, the game has a fantastic way of adding your own graphics to the vehicles. I […]

Migrating Unifi Controller

I have a VM at home that runs Windows 2008 and I put the Ubiquiti controller on it and stood up first one and then another AP to provide wireless all over my house. For obvious reasons I need to move away from Windows 2008 and looking at the resources on my host, thought moving […]

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More on Gerrymandering It seems like changing who you represent can change how you represent. I’ll try to keep an eye on this stuff and report back on what I find.

A better way to cheat at voting

I was flipping thru Facebook a little while ago and a few things popped up together:¬†this is actually what america would look like without gerrymandering and¬†Schwarzenegger rips gerrymandering congress. This got me to thinking, what could I do? I reached out to my local representative and am waiting a response. In the meantime I started […]