Small Ships #4

This was a fun ship to make, I started it with some of the others a while ago but was not happy with the way it turned out. So I set it aside for a while. I had some time a returned to it and, basically, left it all the same shape. But the inside […]

Small Ships #3

So here is another ship I made, just something small, whipped it together while playing with the Boy. The Boy made a little ship from those large angled plates we found from my Star Destroyer.  He made a little fighter with two cockpits and I found this ‘bumper’ piece. So a low altitude transport seemed […]

Large Freighter – Finished!

Finished! or as much as I finish anything. Once I had the very large windscreen I knew I wanted stacked pilot and co-pilot. Still don’t have enough of the same color and/or shape to make the ship symmetrical. But the detailing seems to cover that in my eyes. I think the color palate is harmonious […]

Large Freighter – WIP #2

Got a little further with the large ship. Changed directions with the cockpit once I found the very large windscreen. Don’t have enough of the same colors for some of the swooshy bits. but the skin is working ok, the shape is right, some of the details are coming together. I’ll keep working on this!