Make Link List with PowerShell

A script to get a list of links off a given page. I found these two examples to start from:, clear function get-URLlist($testPage, [int]$linkDepth){ #set the counter [int]$i = 0 #loop thru the list of links, going to sub-pages until the counter equals the given link depth while($linkDepth -gt $i) { foreach($link in $testPage.Links) { […]

Using Google domains with a dynamic IP

This is a script to read the current public IP and update your Google domain with the new IP- #get the current IP $url = “” $ip = Invoke-RestMethod $url #send the new IP to Google $updateCommand = “https://username:[email protected]/nic/update?$($ip.ip)” Invoke-RestMethod $updateCommand Here is some documentation on Google on how to change your DNS via API- The short […]

Setting time on Windows 2008

I have my AD DC set the time for my network. Since it’s not really that good at keeping time I had to set the DC to pull the time from the govn’ment. I set all this via command line in Windows 2008. I would cite where I got this from but didn’t note it […]