Migrating Unifi Controller

I have a VM at home that runs Windows 2008 and I put the Ubiquiti controller on it and stood up first one and then another AP to provide wireless all over my house. For obvious reasons I need to move away from Windows 2008 and looking at the resources on my host, thought moving […]

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Make Link List with PowerShell

A script to get a list of links off a given page. I found these two examples to start from: http://normansolutions.co.uk/post/using-powershell-to-check-all-pages-in-website, https://www.petri.com/testing-uris-urls-powershell. clear function get-URLlist($testPage, [int]$linkDepth){ #set the counter [int]$i = 0 #loop thru the list of links, going to sub-pages until the counter equals the given link depth while($linkDepth -gt $i) { foreach($link in $testPage.Links) { […]

Using Google domains with a dynamic IP

This is a script to read the current public IP and update your Google domain with the new IP- #get the current IP $url = “https://ifconfig.co/json” $ip = Invoke-RestMethod $url #send the new IP to Google $updateCommand = “https://username:[email protected]/nic/update?hostname=dynamic.domain.com&myip=$($ip.ip)” Invoke-RestMethod $updateCommand Here is some documentation on Google on how to change your DNS via API- https://support.google.com/domains/answer/6147083. The short […]

Setting time on Windows 2008

I have my AD DC set the time for my network. Since it’s not really that good at keeping time I had to set the DC to pull the time from the govn’ment. I set all this via command line in Windows 2008. I would cite where I got this from but didn’t note it […]

New Hosting

This should be my first post on my new hosting. It really was simple to move to A2 hosting; grab all my files, backup my database, upload my files, create and import the database. The hardest part was getting the config file set correctly. They don’t mention anywhere the database servername should be localhost ’cause it’s obvious when you think […]