Party Like it’s 1999!

Kinda, anyway; I noticed that I am going thru another cycle and wanted to write it down.

back in 1999, I quit a good job, stopped doing what I was doing in bike racing and promoting, and left all my friends behind.  I moved from Cincinnati to Lafayette with a van full of stuff and a girl and started anew.

Two weeks ago, I quit a good job, stopped doing what I was doing in bike racing and riding (nothing), and, well, I’m keeping all my friends around me this time.  I have a house full of stuff and a different girl and a few kids this time, but are starting anew again.

When I woke up this morning it seemed more like a connection between the two starts. As I write it now it is a little more vague…

Anyway, I quit my job in IT and am working exclusively for our travel business. Today is my first Monday at the ‘new’ job.  Just like last time though, this is the culmination of months of planning and work.  Last time I took a three-week tour of the west to find out where I wanted to go.  About two years of planning and exploration to get from the idea in my head that I was not happy with living in Cincinnati to living in Lafayette.

This time we started the company in four and a half years ago, the wife quit her job more than a year ago, I started preparing to quit three months ago; many, many years of planning going into this day.  Here I am, working for myself, my family. Ready to tackle the new challenges.

At least I think we are ready…


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