Racing the Tour de France I was able to watch the stage today, #18, into  Hautacam. Many are commenting that he has not really been stretched in the climbs this year; perhaps this was the only time he has gone ‘full gas’ on a climb. If you look at the charts from the link above, you can see that almost every […]

How Doping Stopped Other Racers Another great set of interviews or commentary from/about people who did not do well in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Will Frischkorn is an interesting story; we ran across each other when I was promoting races around Cincinnati. Of course the name is unique but also he was very young and racing with […]

Interview About Pro Racing in the 90’s

© pro shots. – I found the link here Very cool interview with Verbruggen, the former president of the international cycling federation. He outlines what he was doing and why. Of course it mentions the doping going on at the time but this talks about the larger context of sport as business. This is […]