A better way to cheat at voting

I was flipping thru Facebook a little while ago and a few things popped up together: this is actually what america would look like without gerrymandering and Schwarzenegger rips gerrymandering congress.

This got me to thinking, what could I do? I reached out to my local representative and am waiting a response. In the meantime I started looking at what’s out there on the internet and found these –

I agree that using computers vs. people to make districts can produce unfair outcomes without any trouble. I’ll have to try the game and see what I can learn. After all, you put bad values into a computer program you will get bad output. And what is fair anyway?

All this led me back to a series of videos from C.G.P. Grey where he covers this a few different ways. Perhaps the issue isn’t Gerrymandering but ‘winner takes all’?

Something to ponder.