Racing the Tour de France I was able to watch the stage today, #18, into  Hautacam. Many are commenting that he has not really been stretched in the climbs this year; perhaps this was the only time he has gone ‘full gas’ on a climb. If you look at the charts from the link above, you can see that almost every […]

Small Ships #4

This was a fun ship to make, I started it with some of the others a while ago but was not happy with the way it turned out. So I set it aside for a while. I had some time a returned to it and, basically, left it all the same shape. But the inside […]

How Doping Stopped Other Racers Another great set of interviews or commentary from/about people who did not do well in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Will Frischkorn is an interesting story; we ran across each other when I was promoting races around Cincinnati. Of course the name is unique but also he was very young and racing with […]

Small Ships #3

So here is another ship I made, just something small, whipped it together while playing with the Boy. The Boy made a little ship from those large angled plates we found from my Star Destroyer.  He made a little fighter with two cockpits and I found this ‘bumper’ piece. So a low altitude transport seemed […]